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IMG_3882Boyce Hill Golf Club has for many years enjoyed a very welcoming and thriving junior section, with many of its previous members becoming professional players and top amateur champions.  Indeed Boyce Hill Golf Club has had two Essex County Champions in recent times with David Salisbury and Paul Ring winning for the boys, and for the girls Tina Poulton going on to represent England on behalf of Boyce Hill.

With any club which takes junior golf as seriously as Boyce Hill you must provide them with great facilities and we are very proud to say we think we have the one of the best cadet rooms anywhere in the country (pictured right).  There is a full calendar of competitions and trophies to play for, a long history of honours boards to get your named added to and trained welfare officers to ensure that we provide a fun, safe and welcoming environment for all our young golfers to enjoy and thrive.  In 2016 we also sent our Cadet Team to Portugal to play an inter club match to help the boys and girls travel and grow in to young people that are confident in the world they live in.

We generally accept girls and boys into Boyce Hill Cadets from age 10 onwards, but this can also be lowered when the children have come through our Junior Academy and the professionals believe the child id ready to become a member of Boyce Hill. 

If you are interested in joining the Boyce Hill Cadets please get in contact with our General Manager on 01268 793 625.