Dress Code

Boyce Hill Golf Club is a traditional golf club; whilst recognising the changing times, we are keen to embrace the traditions of standards. In order to avoid any potential embarrassment, we ask members, their guests and visitors to observe the following Dress Code as detailed

On Course

Only recognised, accredited golf clothing may be worn
Golf shoes must be worn. All shirts must be proper and recognised golfing attire.

Ladies may wear their shirts/tops outside skirts/shorts/trousers if specifically designed to do so. Men are requested to wear shirts tucked in Hats with peaks must be worn with the peak facing forward.

Smart, full length trousers or tailored shorts with, preferably, white sport socks: No cargo/combat shorts are to be worn.

In Clubhouse

Smart casual clothing or clean dry golf clothing may be worn. Shirts may be worn outside trousers if so desired. Ripped or ‘holey’ clothing of any description are not acceptable.

Everyday footwear must be worn at all times within the Clubhouse. Any type of golf shoes are strictly forbidden.
Plastic/rubber flip-flops and similar footwear are not allowed, however leather sandals are permitted.

Waterproofs hats, Caps, visors are NOT permitted within the Clubhouse at any time. Any change to Dress Code for given social events or functions to be held in the Clubhouse
will be notified separately.

Private Functions

Our view on dress code at private functions is members/guests who attend private functions expected to be of reasonably smart standard of dress. One thing to bear in mind is we do think we should allow a certain amount of latitude regarding young children.

It would be rather silly to try and tell the parent of a three-year old that they shouldn’t be wearing this or that, etc. Also, when children first join the Academy it is quite likely they won’t have proper golfing attire.

Please Note that Staff reserve the right to refuse service if these rules are contravened. Thank you in advance for respecting the values of our Club.